Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Web Site Privacy Agreement How to use and protect the information we obtained about you and the services you requested while visiting this web site and using the services provided through this site is governed by the terms specified in this “Privacy Policy”. You agree to the terms specified in this “Privacy Policy” by visiting this web site and requesting use of the services rendered through this site.


The Purpose of Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit

This Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit describes;

a. What type of personal data is collected by this web site (“Web Site”) of which we are Content and Hosting Provider, b. How this personal data is used, c. With whom the web site can share your personal data, d. What your rights on your personal data processed by the web site are and how to use these rights, e. Information on cookies and f. How you can change your positive or negative preferences for receiving commercial electronic messages.


Your Personal Data Processed, Purpose and Basis of Personal Data Processing Kabak Armes Hotel requests certain personal information (name, surname, age, e-mail, telephone etc.) from you in order to serve their customers better.

Correspondences with Kabak Armes Hotel via e-mail, online chat, contact forms and all channels are recorded. Your personal information and IP address are recorded.

Statistical data (browser type, geographical location, age, gender etc.) that can be obtained via this personal information collected are used within the Kabak Armes Hotel for improvement of services and marketing activities provided for periodic campaign works, e-bulletin works, construction of special promotional activities per customer profiles and customer “classification” work for blocking spam e-mails.

Kabak Armes Hotel analyze and interpret the visitor activities and preferences tracked during use of the site in addition to the e-mail addresses and the personal information requested in membership forms., this statistical data that does not contain personal information is used to have the guests go through a more special and effective booking experience.


Your Rights on Your Personal Data You can request what your personal data processed is, whether it is used in line with the purpose of processing or not, finding out the domestic and foreign third parties to whom personal data is transmitted, in case of incompletely or inaccurately processed data or any change in your personal data processed, changing, updating and/or deleting this data, and informing the third parties to whom your personal data is transmitted about this case. Then, you can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to In terms of cases where you do not have membership account, your personal data is retained legally as per Personal Data Protection Act (DPA) No 6698, art. 28/sec1/b and sec. .2,b and Law No. 5651 on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications.


Personal Data Retention Period As per provision of art. 11 of the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Trade, retains the electronic records of the trade activities for three years from the date of activity and delivers these records to the Ministry upon request. Your personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymized by us or upon your request after the period is complete. The traffic data we process is retained for 2 years and anonymized at the end of period as per Law No. 5651 on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications.


Data Collected -Daily information We automatically collect certain information and store them into server logs when you use our services or view the contents provided by us. This includes: details of how you use our service, such as your search queries. telephone log information such as telephone number, number of the calling party, redirected numbers, date and time of calls, duration of calls, SMS redirection information and types of calls. Internet Protocol Address. Information on device events such as lockouts, system event, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, date and time of request and redirected URL. Cookies to identify your Browser or Account. -Location information When you use services, we can collect information on your actual location and process it. We can also use various technologies such as other sensor data which might provide information to on nearby devices, Wireless access points and base stations as well as IP address and GPS to locate. -Unique application numbers Certain services contain a unique application number. When you install or uninstall the service in question, or when this service connects to our servers regularly for purposes such as automatic updates, these numbers and information related to your installation (e.g. type of operating system and application version number) can be sent to -Local storage We can locally collect and store the information (including personal information) in your device by using mechanisms such as browser web storage (including HTML 5) and application data cache memories.


Cookie Usage Web Site shall collect, process, share with third parties and securely store your navigating information for the purpose of serving its visitors better and within the framework of its legal responsibility, provided that these uses are not outside the purposes and the scope specified by this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit. Information on the cookies we use for the purpose of collecting your navigating information shall be provided in a “pop-up screen” when you visit the Web Site. Cookies are text files, installed by your web browser when you visit the web site, and containing small fragments of information stored in your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Web Site cookies store the log files, empty gif files and/or the information collected via third party resources for the purpose of creating a summary of your preferences. Information on your navigation through the site and/or history of use on site can be tracked by the web site in order to give an exclusive demonstration, providing promotions and marketing offers, improve the content of the web site or mobile application properly for you and/or determine your preferences. Web site can link the information collected from you on site via different methods or at different times such as online and offline data collection, and use such information together with the information obtained from other resources such as third parties. Such linking and usage shall only be within the purposes and scope specified by this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit.

Functional and Analytical Cookies: Contain data to remember your preferences, use the website efficiently, optimize the website to respond the requests of the user and provides information on how the visitors use the website. Naturally, this kind of cookies would contain your personal information like your username etc.

Third Party Cookies: Kabak Armes Hotel websites/mobile applications/mobile websites work with reliable, recognized third party advertisement providers. Third party service provides place their own cookies to present advertisements special to you. Cookies placed by third parties collect, process and analyze visitors’ navigation information on the websites.

Commercial Cookies: These are used to offer similar products/contents to your intended ones in line with your fields of interest and preferences and to increase your user experience by offering a more advanced and customized advertisement portfolio.

Retention time for the abovementioned session, permanent, functional and analytical and commercial cookies in the background is about 2 (two) months and this could be adjusted from web browser settings. This process to remove from the settings may vary according to the web browsers.
How to Delete Cookies?
Most of the web browsers are set to accept and use automatically the cookies since the first installation in your computer. Using help or setting menu on your web browser, you can block cookies or get warning when cookies are sent to your device. You can refer to screens for instructions or help options of your web browsers to learn different ways of managing the cookies and get detailed information on how to adjust the settings of your browser.


Types of Cookies Web site uses session cookies and persistent cookies in its mobile application and mobile web. Session ID cookie expires when you close your browser. Persistent cookie continues to be stored in your hard drive for long period of time. You can remove persistent cookies and decline both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions provided in the “help” file of your browser or by visiting "" or "". Even if you decline persistent cookies or session cookies, you can continue using web site, mobile application and mobile web, but you may not access or have limited access to all the functions of web site, mobile application and mobile web.


How are Web Site Cookies Used? Web site cookies; a. Used to remember your preferences and customize your web site/mobile application/mobile web usage. This contains: i. The cookies that save your password and enables your session on web site/mobile application/mobile web to be always open, thus saving you from the burden of entering password multiple times at each visit, and ii. The cookies that remember and know you during your visits to the web site/mobile application/mobile web later. b. Used to determine how you use the web site/mobile application/mobile web, including tracking of how you use the web site/mobile application/mobile web, such as where you connect to the web site, which content you viewed on the web site/mobile application/mobile web and duration of your visit. c. Used for presenting the contents and the ads more in line with your interests and you, in other words, for the purposes of targeted advertisement/promotion. Thus, it provides better fit contents, exclusive campaigns and products for you when you use web site, mobile application or mobile web, and does not provide the contents and opportunities which you already rejected once again. Web site links the information obtained via cookies to the personal data we obtain from our users/members.


Sharing Personal Data with Official Authorities Customer information can only be disclosed when such information is requested duly by official authorities and where it is required to disclose to the official authorities as per the provisions of the current mandatory regulations.


Modifications to the Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit Kabak Armes Hotel never shares the information collected through membership forms, except for the shares only where required and to the extent necessary with the third parties in a contractual relationship, with the same sensitivity in terms of data security and following the provisions of relevant regulations, uses or sells them for a commercial purpose with a basis outside the activity, without information or otherwise instruction of the member in question.


Protection of Credit Card and Payment Information Payment and credit card information received from you due to the service we provide are delivered by us to a third party service provider operating under PCI DSS security standards, and encrypted and stored until the date service charges are collected. The security standards under the name of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) has been prepared by a council combining and formed by the leading payment card service providers consisting of the companies American Express, Discover, JCB International, Mastercard and Visa Inc. for the purpose of ensuring that new security policies and technologies are applied for the purposes of creating secure payment solutions and securing own payment systems of tradesmen, service providers, financial institutions and organizations, and preventing potential violations, card information thefts. The credit card and other payment information you share with the shall be retained until the date service charges are collected by the Suppliers as indicated above by a third party security service provider with Level 1 security certificate in line with the aforementioned standards, and continue to be retained for a certain further period of time for the purpose of ensuring transaction security after this date. When you receive service via, you agree that you clearly approved retention of the credit card and other payment information by us within the scope specified. By the nature of internet, information might circulate around despite sufficient security measures on the internet and be collected and used by unauthorized people. Such use and the damages resulting from such use are not under the responsibility of Kabak Armes Hotel.

Your rights as per Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698; With an application to Kabak Armes Hotel, you have right to;

a) learn whether your personal data has been processed or not; b) request information as to processing if your data has been processed; c) learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data is used in intended purpose or not; d) know the third parties within/outside the country to whom personal data has been transmitted; e) request for correction if personal data is processed incompletely or inaccurately (if you have incompletely/inaccurately processed personal data, you can contact via to change this data); f) request for deletion/destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions set forth under article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Act no. 6698; g) request that the third parties to whom personal data has been transferred is informed about the actions taken as per abovementioned items (d) and (e); h) appeal to any result against you due to analysis of personal data exclusively through automatic systems; i) claim for compensation of the damages if you suffer damages due to illegal processing of the personal data.


Applicable Law, Competent Court and Enforcement Offices This Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit is governed by the laws of Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Central (Caglayan) Court and Enforcement offices shall be authorized for resolution of any type of dispute arising from implementation of Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit.


Communication Permit With this permitted data text, you permit that your personal information which you share with Kabak Armes Hotel is retained, used for providing and presenting various benefits for you and sending all types of communication messages with sales, marketing and similar purposes, and accordingly shared with Kabak Armes Hotel. This information shall be shared only where required and to the extent necessary with the third parties in a contractual relationship, with the same sensitivity in terms of data security and following the provisions of relevant regulations, for the purposes of providing the services perfectly, delivering potential shipments properly, notifications via telephone, sms and/or e-mail timely.


Cancellation of Communication Permit If you want to unsubscribe from Kabak Armes Hotel e-bulletin list and cancel the approval provided for having commercial electronic communication with you, you can click on the link in the description part at the bottom of the e-bulletin, deliver your request via mail to or call  +90 252 642 11 00


Regarding Links to Third Party Sites Kabak Armes Hotel do not provide any warranty on the privacy policies of the web sites of the third parties to which you will have access through the links in the web site, thus we recommend that you consider the privacy approach of the sites you visit before providing any personally identifiable information.


Dear Guests, The companies given below have been notified to Personal Data Protection Board with data breach. Within the frame of services we provide to you as Kabak Armes Hotel, if you’ve purchased any services from those companies, your personal data may have been violated. You can follow the up-to-date information regarding the issue from the following link. You have legal rights against persons or institutions and relevant data supervisors due to such data breach. Respectfully submitted to your information. Personal Data Protection Board - Announcements Page* *You can stay informed of the breaches by regularly checking this page.

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Communication You can contact us by using the following contact information for your questions on the privacy agreement.